5 Ways to Prep Your Hair for Spring

Written on: Mar 14, 2021
By: Shari Hicks-Graham

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As the weather warms up, our pilosebaceous glands (hair follicle units: hair + the attached oil and sweat gland) become more active. This may lead to increased sebum and a more oily scalp which contributes to more yeast called Malassezia and an increase in dandruff.


So what does this mean for your hair?


This means that your hair resolutions don't stop when the sun starts shining bright again! It is important to prepare your scalp for warm weather by sticking to your routine or establishing new ones. 


Here are some things to remember as we move towards Spring...

  • Wash as Often as You Need to — If you feel you need to wash your hair, do it! There is no magic number to how often you need to wash. Listen to your scalp!
  • Be Gentle with Protective Styles — We all love our braids, but remember not to make them too tight or keep them in for longer than 3 weeks. Plus, don't forget to moisturize your scalp with our LivSo Moisturizing Lotion.
  • Less is More! — Choose hairstyles that are low manipulation such as flat twists, cornrows, or simply letting your hair flourish in its natural state!
  • Read the Labels — Do some spring cleaning on your medicine cabinet and remove any products that contain sulfates or parabens. 
  • Try LivSo! — We can't stress enough the importance of choosing products that not only keep your scalp clean and healthy but also strong and moisturized. LivSo is here and ready to help you achieve all of your hair goals this Spring. Click here to visit our website and learn more!


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