5 Ways to Show Your Hair Love

Written on: Feb 12, 2021
By: Shari Hicks-Graham

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For most of us in the United States, the cold winter season is in full effect! These harsh temperatures have an effect on our hair and scalp causing more dryness and possibly more itching as a result.  You may see that as dandruff, an unwelcome winter scalp woe.  It's tempting to hold off on wash day, particularly if the scalp is dry because many of us learn that we shouldn't over wash our hair and dry it out.  However, our founder, Dr. Hicks-Graham, knows that the key to managing dandruff is a regular, consistent scalp routine!  


With Valentine's Day approaching, our team at LivSo wants to encourage you to take a moment to show your hair some love! Here are 5 ways to give your hair some TLC this weekend:


1. Take a break — Let your hair flow freely this weekend and take a break from braids or twists.


2. Deep Condition — Wash your hair with our Moisturizing Shampoo and finish with our Moisturizing Conditioner to give your scalp some extra nourishment. Consider leaving it on for a few extra minutes and then thoroughly rinse. 


3. Keep It Simple — Stepping out for a moment this weekend?  Keep your hairstyle simple and avoid tension on the scalp.  


4. Make It Last — You can make your hairstyles last longer and avoid daily manipulation by sleeping with a satin bonnet or scarf.


5. Scalp Massage — This can help increase blood flow in your scalp and promote better circulation. Scalp massages are also a great way to reduce stress. Be sure to use gentle strokes to avoid hair breakage!


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