Natural Hair: A Quick History Lesson Part II

Written on: Oct 13, 2020
By: Shari Hicks-Graham

In our last quick history lesson, we mentioned a moment in hair history when Melba Tolliver, a former ABC reporter, was fired after wearing her afro while covering the wedding of Tricia Nixon on the White House lawn. 


As you know, at LivSo we're on a mission to help all people embrace their natural texture and truly #LivSoFree! We know there is still work to be done to make this happen, So, here are a few things you should know:


  • Black women are 1.5x more likely to be sent home from the workplace because of their hair. 
  • Black women’s hair is 3.4x more likely to be perceived as unprofessional.
  • 80% of black women feel that they have to change their hair from its natural state to fit into their work environment.
  • Black women are 30% more likely to be made aware of a formal workplace appearance policy.
  • Black women are 80% more likely to report being judged more harshly on their looks than other women.
Source: C.R.O.W.N Research Study (2019). Conducted by JOY Collective. Study conducted in the U.S. among 2000 (1000 Black and 1000 White) Women, Age 25 – 64. All data tested at 95% confidence level.


The CROWN Act prohibits discrimination based on hairstyles by extending statutory protections based on race to hair texture and protective styles in state Employment, Housing, Education Codes. 


This law is in place in 6 out of 50 states, and Cincinnati, OH. That means if you live outside of California, Colorado, Washington, Maryland, New York, Virginia, or Cincinnati, you could still be discriminated against at school or work because of your hair. 


So, how does LivSo contribute to this conversation? No matter your race, ethnicity, or gender identity, we want our products to help our customers feel confident in their curls. When you're proud of your crown, no one can tear you down!


"It’s important for me to #LivSoFree because my natural hair is 100% me. We all can be inspired by other hair that we don’t fully get to embrace our own. Our kinks, coils, and curls were made to stand out and be strong just like us. Love your hair from 1a-4c we are all who we are meant to be and designed perfectly." - Dorese Bilal, @itsdoreseb


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