The Importance of Stylists & Barbers

Written on: Jan 26, 2018
By: Shari Hicks-Graham

Nine years ago, I began my natural hair journey by asking my stylist for a big chop. She urged me to really think it over before doing something that I might regret. I thought about some new lifestyle goals and considered my plan to workout more regularly to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Soon, I became pressed to drop the relaxer and the 8-10 inches of hair I had. So, I went for it! I remember that clarifying moment when my stylist handed me the mirror and I saw my short natural cut. Hair freedom had finally arrived.

It was a big decision and it isn't for everyone. However, those of us who have transitioned to wearing our hair in its natural state may have become more independent with our routines, shifting toward caring for our scalp and hair without the regular touch of a professional. No longer needing a perm or various professional treatments, I felt like I was entering my natural hair journey independently.  I was tinkering with various products and dabbling in DIY regimens. Still, there’s something lovely about having a professional sit you down and care for your scalp and hair in an efficient, loving way that only a trusted professional stylist can. I value my regular appointments with my stylist and look forward to touching base with her.

Not only are stylists appreciated for how they make us feel throughout the process of getting our hair done and after we take that first look in the mirror, but they also can act as the first line of defense against scalp discomfort or irritation. Spotting scalp issues and diagnosing them early is key to avoiding potentially devastating results like hair loss. Also, whether you wear your hair natural or not, chances are that you will likely see a hair stylist or barber before you see a doctor. As such, your stylist or barber is a very important part of the system that keeps your hair healthy. Of course, if your situation is severe or long-standing, you should definitely consult a Dermatologist.

We know that so many people suffer from or are affected by dry, itchy scalp and brittle hair. As such, in order to meet you where you are, we want to arm professional stylists and master barbers, just like yours, with products that are effective and still gentle on hair. If you know a stylist or barber who you think could benefit from using or retailing LivSo products, let us know! Send us an email at If you are the first to recommend a specific stylist or barber to us and he or she ends up purchasing LivSo for professional use, you will receive a free LivSo Moisturizing Pack for the referral.

Live Free & Clear,

Shari Hicks-Graham, MD, FAAD