What is hair porosity?

Written on: Jul 12, 2020
By: Shari Hicks-Graham

Have you ever heard the term hair porosity? This determines how easily your hair is able to soak up and retain moisture. 

There are many ways to describe ones hair porosity, but the two most common are high porosity, and low porosity.

What is high porosity?

This means your hair easily absorbs water, oils, and other types of products. If you have high porosity, you may find it hard to retain moisture.

What is low porosity?

This means your hair has a more difficult time absorbing water, oils, and other products. When you have low porosity, this makes it easier for your hair to retain moisture.

Why does this matter?

Regardless of your hair porosity, it is crucial for you to listen to your scalp and give it what it needs. Many hair issues come from scalp problems first. By choosing safe products, washing our hair regularly, and keeping our scalp moisturized, we can achieve our hair goals regardless of texture, type, or porosity. 

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