3 Tips for No Shave November

Written on: Nov 05, 2020
By: Shari Hicks-Graham

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What is No-Shave November?

Movember, as it's often called, is typically a time of year where men forgo shaving and grooming in order to raise cancer awareness. It is encouraged that participants donate the money they would ordinarily spend on grooming towards the cause, however, many people find different ways to take part in the movement.


If you plan to participate, check out these 3 tips to keep your beard and skin flourishing:


1. Wash your beard.

More hair means more potential problems. Make sure you remember to shampoo your beard on a regular basis to stay well groomed. Try our LivSo Moisturizing Shampoo for a clean, safe wash. 


2. Give it some TLC.

Show your beard some extra love by conditioning it. This can be done once a week to prevent breakage and add shine. Check out our conditioner!


3. Moisturize daily.

As always, make sure you are moisturizing your beard on a daily basis. Make sure you are using our LivSo Moisturizing Lotion on the skin under your beard, too. 


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