"This is so great because not only am I taking care of my scalp but it actually really softened my hair in a way that I don't know the last time my hair felt like this. Like, it just feels so soft. Yeah, I can't stop touching it."


"As soon as I used it the product spoke for itself, immediately it felt great. The clients commented on how it felt great. The performance was there on many different hair textures so everyone I used it on I still got softer, shinier curls that were bouncy."


"It's been the only shampoo I use in my regular routine. The results are just fantastic. My scalp feels clean, it's not dried out, I've seen a huge, like, dramatic difference in my seborrheic dermatitis, which I'm grateful for."


"I don't think I've seen a patient like a product over and over again as much as LivSo. I've seen it change people's lives. I've seen patients suffer from dry, itchy scalp for years and years and this has helped them."


"With LivSo, it really is amazing. We deal with all types of hair, all types of ethnicities that come in, and this product, LivSo, literally works for everyone. It's amazing."

Bradford & Tracy

"Definitely confidence boosting knowing that you're not worried about flakes." - Bradford   "It's not like, oh that was OK I need to try something else because something could be better, like, this is the product. This is what works" - Tracy


"Going back to my experience using other brands like the Head & Shoulders or types of detox (shampoos) my hair would always feel just stripped and gross. LivSo's the first one that I can say it really did deep clean my hair but my hair feels airy afterward."


"A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with psoriasis. I started using the LivSo, the whole system, but I used the Lotion the most just because it was targeted for my scalp. I did that for 2-3 times a day for about 4 days and started noticing it got smaller it wasn't as itchy."


"Back in December when I started using the products, it was really tough, like really bad. So when I'm trying something out, I try to stick with it for a few months so I can see a change in that time. I've noticed a difference in the last month or so after using the products."


"I was scratching in my sleep and my hair was breaking. I have been struggling to find the right shampoo to wash my hair recently. This product is magic to my different textured hair n scalp! LivSo y'all out here changing LIVES! THANK YOU!!!"


"No more itchy scalp thanks to LivSo. I would definitely recommend these products. I love the products and Dr. Hicks-Graham of course!" 


"I would definitely recommend LivSo's shampoo and conditioner! Loved them!" 


"My favorite product has to be the Moisturizing Conditioner. It's got a lot of slip, which makes it really easy to detangle my hair but it's not so sticky that I can't rinse it out when I'm finished." 


"Tried the Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Scalp and felt an immediate difference. Scalp and hair feel nourished and moisturized. The Moisturizing Lotion is saving my scalp this winter with the average single digit temperatures in Cleveland."


"I'm a huge fan. I use it post-shave and I️ brush it into my beard as well. I️ get all day protection and moisturizing. I’m so happy that I️ bought a bottle simply from the suggestion from a college friend. I’m a customer for life now!"


"LivSo was a GAME changer for my scalp! I've been looking for a product that meets my dry scalp needs and leaves my hair feeling fresh and clean. This product does all of that and more!"


"I’ve suffered from seborrheic dermatitis since an adolescent and have tried countless shampoos, creams, foams and oils to combat the chronic dry scalp. All of the shampoos I’ve tried in the past left my curls feeling dry and lifeless. LivSo did the exact opposite."


"The product works really well. Shortly before receiving the product I was not taking care of my hair, mainly my beard, as responsibly as I should've been, but the product really motivated me to take care of it and it pretty much saved me and revitalized my beard."