Athleticism & Scalp and Hair Health

Written on: Jul 20, 2017
By: Shari Hicks-Graham

The impact of an active lifestyle is very real for those of us with curly or coarsely textured hair types. Athletes put their bodies to the test everyday to reach higher goals - more reps, more passes, more miles, more sweat. The scalp is no exception - it sweats just like any other area of the body. These sweat patterns may differ from person to person, and some find that they sweat more in the scalp than on other areas of the body. Here are the tough facts: scalp sweat is filled with more sebum and may cause more odor. Often, this salty sweat takes its toll on our hair. This salt can dry out the hair and this is particularly difficult for curly or textured hair. If the hair is short, it may be easy to wash the hair after a long workout, but if the hair is long or in a protective style, the effort of washing the hair may prove to be difficult and time consuming.

The best thing is to develop a routine that works for you and promotes scalp health for beautiful hair. Start by cleansing on a regular basis, allowing the hair to stay healthy and hydrated. I created the LivSo Moisturizing Kit to help. The sulfate-free Shampoo is gentle enough to use up to three-times weekly according to our study. This will help rid your scalp of excess oil produced from summer athletic sweat, leaving your hair feeling fresh. The Conditioner helps to keep curls detangled and moisturized while rebalancing natural oils without leaving the hair feeling heavy. The Moisturizing Lotion is unique and effective. It may be applied daily to replenish the scalp's moisture and help repair the skin barrier that salty sweat can compromise. Even if you are only shampooing weekly, the Lotion helps to make the scalp more comfortable and itch free.

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