Festival Season

Written on: Jul 26, 2018
By: Shari Hicks-Graham

July is the height of the summer celebration season. I have been inspired by the positive self-affirming vibes this month at ESSENCE Fest 2018 in New Orleans and CURLFEST in Brooklyn. It has been nothing but a joy to meet so many people who are living their best life and developing their own style of self-care. For me, it was particularly thrilling to see the looks on people’s faces who had been dealing with scalp discomfort for years as we introduced them to LivSo. It was also very satisfying to share our brand with those who have friends and/or family who have dealt with scalp issues as, they too, know the physical and emotional struggles very well through the close relationships.

Whether people at the festivals were in search of their favorite products, seeking out new brands like ours, or simply walking around with head held high, smiling, laughing, or dancing, we enjoyed witnessing the flow of thousands of peace-loving folks as they graced the parks, streets, convention centers, and hotels of these great cities. It’s just so uplifting! People were visibly confident and at ease while celebrating their similarities and uniqueness all at the same time. They were expressing love and seeking beauty, both inside and out. We were privileged to be in the midst of all this positivity and diversity. As the founder of LivSo, I was glad to contribute in my own way by offering up something positive to help people live more comfortably in their own skin. We hope that the thousands who received samples and those who we spoke with will incorporate LivSo into their self-care regimen and feel more confident and empowered as a result.

Enjoy summer, lovelies, and keep showing us how to LivSo YOU!

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Dr. Shari Hicks-Graham