Inspiration for a Healthy Scalp

Written on: Sep 21, 2017
By: Shari Hicks-Graham

It's no secret that I am inspired by patients who I see in my practice every day. One observation that I have made over the years is that hair disorders often relate to scalp disease. By creating a product that makes it easier to take care of the scalp, I can help people achieve healthier more beautiful hair. 

Think about it, if we neglected our face the way that we often neglect our scalp, do you think that our skin would look radiant? If we piled on makeup, eye products and lipstick the way that we often do hair products without cleansing our skin, do you think that our complexion would be clear? You get the idea: Our scalp deserves as much care as any other skin surface, even if it's tougher to see.

For those of us with dry, itchy scalp, this fact is particularly true. It is critical to choose products and hairstyles that allow us to care for the scalp in a gentle way. If we have dandruff, but still wear our hair in protective hairstyles (weaves/braids/extensions) or in natural twisted styles or locs, we may feel that we are doing the right thing by "resting" the hair in a safe manner. With protective styles, the hair does not go through the day-to-day manipulation as it might normally, and therefore should become more healthy, right? Well, this may be true if we take meticulous care of our scalp and hair & take breaks to shampoo our hair and deep condition every strand as much as possible when we "re-do" the style. The truth, however, is that if we don't have the resources of a superstar, we may keep that expensive hair in place for 4-12 weeks, without taking it out to shampoo or condition our scalp. During that time, we are living and being active - going out into the environment, perspiring at the gym, etc. Sadly, I have seen the scalp damage that may be caused by this practice. Don't get me wrong, I am not asking people to abandon their protective styles, I am just asking people to commit to scalp care in the same way that they consider facial care. Do it regularly, intentionally and with the proper products.

LivSo is a great option for scalp care whether you wear your hair relaxed or curly, braided, twisted, weaved or wavy. The sulfate-free shampoo is gentle enough for routine use, lathers richly with a small amount of product, and rinses very well out of weaves and locs. The same is true for the conditioner. The LivSo Moisturing Lotion is a true winner for the case of the protective style dilemma. With the lotion, you can apply moisture to the scalp without making the scalp oily or laden with product that builds up.

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Live Free and Clear,

Shari Hicks-Graham, MD