Kids + Wash Day: 3 Tips to Make It Fun!

Written on: Jul 26, 2020
By: Shari Hicks-Graham

When it comes to doing nearly anything for our kids, we know they won't go down without a fight; especially on wash day. 


Many parents deal with wash day drama that includes tantrums, tears, and straight up rebellion. 


While we can't promise that LivSo products will completely eliminate the wash day blues, we do know that our products can help make wash day more manageable. 


How can LivSo products make wash day more manageable?


We're glad you asked! Our products are formulated to provide comfort and balance to the scalp through exfoliation, repair, and moisturization. By using our 3-Pack system, you'll notice a healthy and stronger scalp, along with brilliantly lustrous hair. 


Here are 3 tips to make wash day fun with LivSo:


1. You go first!

Some of the wash day drama simply comes from our kids not knowing what to expect. They may be scared of the water, or maybe they got shampoo in their eye that one time and now they're traumatized. Set an example by washing your hair first and letting them watch or even help if they're able. 


2. Grab some toys

Try letting them wash a dolls hair while you wash theirs. This will help keep them entertained and distracted so you're able to do a thorough wash.


3. Creative a routine

As parents, we've learned that if there's no routine, there's chaos. Wash day is no different! By creating a wash day routine, our kiddos will know what to expect and may even start helping, which will make the entire process run that much smoother. 


We hope that you're able to utilize these tips on your next wash day. Snap a photo or video and tags us on Instagram and Facebook to tell us how it goes. Happy Wash Day!