Winter Tips & Testimonials

Written on: Dec 21, 2017
By: Shari Hicks-Graham

The weather all over the country, especially in the midwest and northeast, has been feeling much more like a typical winter.  If you haven’t begun proactively treating and protecting your skin, your scalp is likely revealing how much drier the weather has become. We have shared some of these dry air season tips before but they are worth repeating...because they work! A consistent self-care routine carried out with high-quality products, which are focused on moisturization will give your scalp and hair the relief and protection it desperately needs in the winter. Remember - a healthy scalp leads to healthy, beautiful hair.  We have added a new page on our website for LivSo testimonials to reinforce the fact that when you use great products, the results are noticeable and potentially life-changing.

    1. Always massage your scalp when you shampoo. It may seem like a trivial tip but it is very important. Your scalp needs to be stimulated gently to direct the healing power of increased blood flow just beneath the skin’s surface. Don’t rush it, enjoy this part of your scalp routine. It should feel great and the results should be as well. Scalp care is skin care and a healthy scalp means healthy hair.
    2. Hot showers are a no-no. I know I’ve mentioned this before and I just mentioned that you should enjoy your routine in the shower but...taking a long, hot shower can offset the benefits of a scalp massage. Hot showers actually dry the skin out, potentially causing more flaking on your scalp or it may trigger an over-reaction of your sebaceous glands. We don’t want that. We want the oils on your scalp to be balanced and relatively stable.
    3. Dry your hair completely. It takes longer for the water in your hair to evaporate when the air (indoors and outdoors) is dry so give yourself some extra time after you shower. Stepping outside in very cold temperatures can actually allow the water in your hair to freeze and damage your strands.
    4. Make sure your winter hat is lined with a moisture-friendly material. What’s a moisture friendly material? Satin or silk, for example. Although cotton and wool are warm and cozy, they can cause friction and breakage to your hair and suck out the moisture as well.
    5. Hydrate and moisturize!  Drink extra water during the drier, winter months. The water you drink will get to your skin and your hair as well. You may not be losing water through sweating and you may not feel thirsty like in the summer, but you still need to consciously hydrate for healthy skin and hair. Additionally, take extra care in using moisturizing products. The LivSo Moisturizing pack was specifically created to power-up moisturization in all three phases we recommend for your scalp care routine. Shampooing, conditioning, and applying lotion to the scalp and hair, simple!

Many people have tried LivSo products in combination with these tips and experienced tremendous results. Several customers, stylists, and even my physician assistant, Jana, were kind enough to share their experience and we created a new page called Testimonials to highlight these stories. Hopefully, their experience will encourage you to revitalize your self-care routine and make time for a healthy scalp and hair care regimen with LivSo!

Live free and clear,

Shari Hicks-Graham, MD, FAAD